Saturday, 19 November 2011

When All is Said and Done

Quick background on the DS girls.
-Both have been engaged
-Both changed their ways to become “perfect housewives”
Both felt trapped but had no legitimate reason to leave at the time
-Both cancelled their weddings and moved out
All this happened around the same time. Oh yes, brutal!

We both had gone through quite the ordeal.
Six months after we moved out, away from our ex-fiances and the toxic relationships, we decided it was time for a girls weekend. A “no holds barred” weekend if you will.
Drinks, pretty dresses and a fancy suite.
We got our hair and nails done, bought new shoes and outfits and prepared ourselves for the night that we hoped would be the start of our brand new lives.
And that’s exactly what went down.

We never realized how much we were held back while in our respective relationships. For the first time in a long time, our real selves, our original personalities before we were only so and so’s fiancés- came back with a vengeance.

We were back.

The fiery personalities that were dulled down and replaced with a timid, stereotypical “wifey” persona came shining through. We felt alive again. We felt like our long lost selves.
We didn’t let loose in the sense that our pants came loose, but we no longer felt the need to hold back any aspect of our characters.

We met great people, and learned more about ourselves in that weekend than we had collectively learned in our separate 5 year relationships.
Hell, we even planned a holiday to Miami on the spot that night.

Invigorated by our new sense of freedom and adventure, we realized that if everyone else was going on adventures, it was our turn to create our own.

Mind you, in the next few days, whilst recovering from the crazy weekend, some who knew us as “so and so’s fiances” had witnessed parts of our first adventure that weekend.
And the backlash began.
Insults were hurled at us. We didn’t let this dampen our spirits. Instead, it fuelled it.

You know what we learned?
No matter what you do, you can’t please everyone. The best you can do? Be pleased with yourself. Do what makes you happy and those that love you will be happy for you. Your renewed sense of self and the new found confidence will shine through, making you more pleasant to be around.
Forget what they say about you.
These people still talk about us. In turn, we go on more crazy adventures, giving them more to talk about… and you know how?
We do what we do, and we have the time of our lives doing it.

No regrets, just adventures.

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